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Custom Crab Pots 

The First square prototype was released in the spring of 2015 and has proven to catch and hold more than a typical round pot. 

We have thoroughly tested these square pots so you have the peace of mind that they catch! 

Year after year more people are turning to our square pots to maximize their catch.  

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The square is the biggest!

42" x 12" 120 lbs. largest legal crab pot.

If you are looking for the largest crab pot to put in the ocean, consider the 42" x 12" square. Coming in at 12.82 cubic feet vs. the 42" x 15" round, coming in at 12.58! The square also has about 20% more volume for the same foot print. We have loaded both pots with 200 fathoms of line and 3 buoys. The square has approximately enough room for another 50 fathoms of line. Big shout out to Brian at Noyo Net Works for supplying the line and buoys for this demonstration - thank you! 

38" Crab pot with 3 entries.

38" Crab pot with 4 entries. 

38" Square crab pot hybrid. 1/2" stainless and rebar. With a finished weight of 45 Lbs. 

Uniform thick rubber wrap with U.V. Rubber. 

38" square pot with 55 keepers

40" x 13"  120 lbs. 4 tunnel, nylon entries.